Sunday, May 29, 2011

Couple new dresses and lucky boards!

 Hi all !!
Sorry for the absence, RL is crazy lately!
So here are a couple new dresses! 

Valerie - L$ 5

8 Styles to choose from 
and there is a 
Fat Pack Deal available for L$30!

 Naomi - L$ 5

9 styles to choose from and there is a Fat pack Deal available for L$35!

I also put some heels in the lucky boards. They're set for 7 mins.

I have a lot of updating to do on the shop... I know the subscriber is full so I'll be putting a new one in. If you bring a friend in that wants to subscribe, just have them join the group and I will send a group notice out when the new subscriber is up and running. Some of my accessories vendors keep resetting, so I'll be changing those out.

AND I know I am in despereate need of new freebies for all my ladies!! I am working on them and will let you all know when they're out!

Have a great evening!


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