Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Hair Fair Find!

Often times I like to go into SL to forget about RL, but today at the hair fair (of all places :), I was reminded of of it. There are so many pretty hairstyles and a lot of tasty freebies, but the best thing I saw was the display of bandana created by the best designers in SL. They were all so beautiful! These bandanas are being sold for the yearly Bandana Day! When you "remove your hair to show you care!" I am one of the MANY people whose life has been permanently altered due to cancer. I lost someone extremely dear to me in April and I will be wearing this gorgeous bandana made by Vanity Hair in memory of her. Make sure that you go and pick yours up. They are only L$50 and from what I read on the Hair Fair website, I believe the sales of bandanas on bandana day will be given to Wigs for Kids Charity.

Bandana Day is on September 19th and you can pick your favorite bandana here at the Hair Fair! (it's crowded and laggy beyond belief, but 100% worth it)

And to Marcia, until we see each other again at His throne, I love you!


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