Thursday, September 9, 2010

Satellite Shop Experiment

I really lucked out with my mainstore location. Warrhol Estates only charges L$250 for 463 prims! And that's why my store is even possible, because of low rent.. So I didn't know if a satellite shop would be a good idea for a store like mine. But today, Bri Zanzibar (Pinkdolly Group) let me know about her friend's mall expansion. I figure I'll give it a shot! For at least the next 5 weeks KKBB will have a  store front at The Atrium Shops ! If you have a mainstore  and are looking for a place to open a satellite shop, you should come here! Rent prices are low and the mall is extremely nice! (I pay L$50 for my shop here). Stop by and check out KKBB at the Atrium Shops!!


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