Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So as most of you know, I have sent out a recall notice on the heels with huds! I fixed EVERYTHING and if something is still wrong just let me know. But all should be right as rain. I also fixed the freebie in the subscribe-o so that it is resizable without breaking the shoe. If it still does it, just hit the reset button and resize again and it will work. Any time there is a problem with stuff please let me know immeadiately and I will fix it. You all are so important to me and I'll bend over backwards to help!!

If you didn't get the recall notice.. please send a notecard with you name, the date, and what you bought. I'll send the fixed items to you asap!

I'm so embarrassed by the whole situation and I hope everyone who is unhappy with the shoes will let me know (in a nice way :)


Delia Linette said...

Also.. apparently this hud I bought is not normal due to the fact that scripts have to go into every piece of the shoe. I've gotten complaints/helpful information about this fact. I had no idea! Some people think that I was being inconsiderate for putting all those scripts in... I just didn't know enough about huds and scripts. This was the first hud I had ever bought! I'm not putting down the creator of the HUD, but I wish I had know that this hud should not have been used with a high prim shoe. Live and learn! I'll never use this HUd with any other shoes!!

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